Carnival Pandu Puteri peringkat negeri Selangor 2009

19 04 2009

18 april 2009

Today we went to Shah Alam for this carnival for pandu puteri(s).  At first I dint know that the carnival is actually for us. My teacher told us that we are incharge of the bahagian kebersihaan and we are gonna go home late cuz we need to clean up. . And also to jaga the rumah hantu by collecting coupons from ppl who wants to get in. I mean, I dint try it myself.. but the rumah hantu is kinda small tho.. What’s inside? Anyone care to tell me?? But mana tahu we went home at 4.30pm. But me and Eing gonna jaga the rumah hantu at 3pm. ok, it starts out a normal day, and i woke up at 6am. So we arrived there at 9.00am then we walked into the carnival.. And I saw alot of pandu puteri(s) from diff skul all around Selangor and trust me, I tak pernah see so many puteri(s) in my life. And my skul, that is SMK tmn jasmin 2 all the way from Kajang walked in and beratur under Hulu Langat section. Then all of us sat down under the hot sun.. waited for abour 10 mins like that then yg dipertua Sultan Selangor with other tetamu yang dihormati came in and sat down at their respective places. Then they gave some sepatah dua kata and rasmikan carnival ini. Then we all scattered all around the place and bought food and drinks.. Me and Eing have to wait until 3pm for our tugas.. So we had the whole day to ourselves.. we kinda lost our appetite cuz its so hot and we were all sweety and smelly.. so nvm, we bought this thing called T something.. I forgot the name and it cost us Rm4.80. But its fish ball like but inside like ubi wif chicken.. Boleh tahan la.. But nvm..then we were so bored we walked all around the place.. Then we got to know that there is a library and a museum.  We walked behind the building cuz we dint know where the entrance is and we walked la.. and sampai jugak the library, Eing and I dint know the museum was next to the library.. hehe first time there. Then we went into the library, which I went in and saw lotsa ppl studying.. makes me wanna study too! But then we decided to read books since its only 11.30am and we have to spend the time up until 3. So wat better way to sit and relax wif a good book under the air cond. Eing smsing bf and I went back and forth to get a good book. But I dint manage to get one cuz there were so many books to choose from. ok la but i oni read 30 pgs cuz I find it boring, then the next book, another boring one then again another book and another book.. So waited for a while until 2.. then we walked out the library, and we saw the museum..uuhh so excited! We walked in la.. I actually like going to the museum.. Its like im connected to all the historical stuff.  And I saw a real pedang and eing and I said, ” tis one sure kill alot of ppl edi wan”.. and the museum is kinda scary. Its old and it creeps us out.. the smell is like.. I dun know how to explain. But overall we gain some knowledge and I think the museum is the best. Then we went back out to tugas but mana tahu they packing the rumah hantu edi.. so I asked our pengerusi and she said “awak semua selamat la sebab tak yah tugas..” then we smiled.. and went to buy stuff.. not so hot edi..

Conclusion : Ok so we dint do alot of stuff cuz we had nothing to do.. but a nice experience la. Before we went back, the hantus from rumah hantu finished packing and they all slept on the ground.. haha hantu tidur.. then went back la and eat watch tv online.. later must sleep edi..




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