The cheapest place to buy ur guitar! Woh Fatt!

19 04 2009

One of the oldest musical instrument shop in Kuala Lumpur after the closing of C. Nang Hong musical shop at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. A very friendly shop if you’re a serious buyer. Also an authorized dealer of Gibson guitars. Since the price of Gibson is very expensive you can find a true closet relic Gibson guitars here dated back from the 80’s. The price is the same but it will skyrocket if you know where to resell it back..xD

I bought my hofma electric/acoustic guitar last year. It costs RM330. And other places sell the same model as my guitar but more expensive than mine. Maybe about RM360-400?? Woh Fatt sells cheap guitars bcuz they are straight from the factory and it dint go through a 2nd hand to distribute it to places. That’s why it is cheaper.. and there r lotsa choices to choose from. Not only guitar but also violins, piano, drums etc etc. And wat accessories u wan for ur guitar or any other instruments, u can get it there wif  a reasonable price. And I saw a lot of nice nice electric guitars!! So, Woh Fatt is the place to go if u want to buy a guitar or any other instruments wif a reasonable price. Although the shop is small and kinda old, but the instruments are well taken care of. Any spare part u want for ur guitar u can get it there too! I told all my frens who plays the instrument to get in the shop and browse through all their stuff!

Visit Woh Fatt music shop Sdn.Bhd

No. 37, Jln Tun Tan Siew Sin,
50050 Kuala Lumpur,
Kuala Lumpur


No. 37, Jln Silang, 50050 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan.

Its practically the same shop, juz that i dun know why it has 2 address.. hehe

nway, the shop is opposite Mydin.




4 responses

18 09 2011

hofma guitar is made in where?please answer me

31 10 2011

Khairol im sorry but im not sure where is it made from.. u can search it up on the internet tho..

28 10 2011
kevin Tan

cheap? Hahaha…….. I bought one unit (price Rm 1000++) but Woh Fatt double charged when I found my credit card statement. How come!? Liar!

31 10 2011

haha im not sure about that. Maybe its a different model or it’s made from very good wood, im just guessing =)

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