sight seeing

11 05 2009

T oday we went to Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club House. My sister is having her wedding reception there on Nov. So we went and see see abit after taking my mom to eat lui cha for lunch. The restaurants name is Oreintal Pearl. The good thing about this restaurant is that its pork free.. halal la.  so lotsa datin and datuks go there to eat. The place can only holds up to 20 tables. maybe can 5 more. And juz when u enter the main door, its the reception place. After the reception place there is another door to the rastaurant, and juz when u enter the door, turn right and u will see a stage. Pretty much a small restaurant and the advantages are u can see all the guests clearly, no need to worry that u have to hold 2 places (one for chinese and one for halal ), if u r a member, juz dive into the pool outside the restaurant and best of all, there r plenty of parking for the guests.. no worries about parking now and my sis can be a pretty bride on the day.

Juz now, I saw alot of mat salleh. They are all club members. And lotsa girls wearing bikini and cute cute small kids. and there’s this girl who laid down on a mat on the floor exposing her body to the scorching sun.  She is wearing a bikini and practically took off her top .. omg.. i know most americans do that, but i really dun have the guts to do it. Its good too bcuz they r open minded and they cud’nt care less. Thats what alot of ppl here need.  so we went back and we went to giant to buy some ice cream cuz my mom wants to eat it cuz its mothers day!

So happy  mothers day to all!!!!

peace out!




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19 05 2009

Thanks I found this blog really useful, I’ll recommend it to friends.

20 05 2009

Great Blog Thanks 🙂

20 05 2009

I love this blog, I’ll be recommending it to friends

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