My top 5 screamo band

9 06 2009

I listed my top 5 screamo bands

5.   Senses Fail- Bite To Break Skin

4.   Escape The Fate- The Guillotine

3.   The Devil Wears Prada- This Song Is Called

2.   Bullet For My Valentine- Tears Don’t Fall

AND number 1 in my list is…………………….

1.  Alesana- Ambrosia




3 responses

20 01 2010

wow that’s some HEAVY METAL songs you got there sis!! hahaha…

i like the BMFV!! haha…

I’m also attending WCG church now it is called GCI(Grace Communion International)

I’m From Manila, Philippines good day!

20 01 2010

hey thanks! BMFV is the best i agree..
Anyways im from GCI too formally known as WCG..
take care!

22 01 2010

HAHA o I see the name of the church changed right?.. hahah

well I’m just surprised that a cute girl like you would listen to such HEAVY METAL music hahaha…and ur a Christian too hahaha…WOW!! ahaha

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