oohh shooot

1 07 2009

Well there’s this guy I know. Recently I found myself liking him.. I should not like him but I can’t stand it.

Today,during class tambahan, someone pissed me off. My fren, im not gonna waste my time talking about how she pisses me off. Moving on, I was pretty upset and after the class finish edi, I saw her( the one who pisses me off) went to our teacher and asked something. So i ambil kesempatan and I walked away, I was still pretty pissed off and when im pissed off, theres literally a big word on my forehead saying, stay off, im pissed.. and gives everyone an impression that I dun give a damn.

Anyway, while I was making my way through the door, there he was walking to the door too.. I had a glance at him and when I reached the door, he was juz behind me and I pushed the door hard and the door opened. And I think while he was making his way to the door, he was looking at me, looking at how scary I look and like giving him the impression that I hate everyone.. well I dont. I angrily walked to the stairway to make myself down to the foyer cuz I have pandu puteri meeting, and when I sat down, I wasnt tat pissed off anymore. So we were doing this hand-craft thing so I joined them. I dint notice him and when I looked behind, he was behind there waiting for his bro. I dun think he looked at me, maybe he thinks I am mad at him or something. I feel so guilty now. Normally he talks to me when he sees me. Now, I really dun know. Maybe he juz wasnt into me. But I am.. I really am. Maybe I shud make up the way I acted juz now and maybe be friendlier to him tomorrow.  Now, all I cud do is wait for tomorrow and make it up to him.




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