life is a game, so hurry up n pull the trigger.

8 01 2010

Mind the title.. Pheww its been soooooooooooo long since i’ve blogged. jeeezzz i guess im gonna talk about my life from end of 2009 till present. Lets start from 18th.Nov.2009.. As for the dates I dint mention, nothing special happened n all I did was sleeping, eating, tv, computer n texting.

18th.Nov.2009 : Start of SPM, Subject: Bahasa Melayu 1,2. Participants : ALL who was born on 1992.

3rd. Dec.2009 : Physics, darling’s last day of school n last day of exam. As for me, I have another paper to go. But I helped him celebrate cuz most of our frens hv to study for the last chem paper.

5th.Dec.2009 : Sis’s wedding.. second one at the boy’s side. The first one was on 28th.Nov.2009.

8th.Dec.2009 : Chemistry, my last paper of my 11 yrs of studying. Ended at 3.30pm n was SSOOO thrilled I screamed. Text darling n texted for sometime. Hang out wif Vishnu, Ariff, Tasha, Syed, Gaveena. They helped me celebrate.

14th.Dec.2009 : Dyed my hair wif Revlon mahogany brown, but colour does not really show. Maybe juz a lil’. Shud hv bought something more bolder but the scardie cat me doesnt want to. Learn my lesson tat playing save is not the way to go under circumstances.

17th.Dec.2009 : Went to Go Green Party of SMKTJ2. Last time of senior already so I better go. Had so much fun wif all my buddies.. Too bad darling doesnt want to go.

31st.Dec.2009 to 1st.Jan.2010 : Hanged our wif my buddies. N counted down wif them for the new year of 2010. Another gang of frens was celebrating too next door, so we kinda joined in. Drink some wine n played some fire crackers. And practically ran the whole taman screaming “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!” ignoring ppl who is already sleeping.

1st.Jan.2010 : Went to party but was raining. P.s its in an open field. So we were all wet but the rain made it so memorable. Got back at 10 something.

5th.Jan.2010 : Got together wif darling n dated for a while. Haven’t seen him in a month so I miss him so much. He dyed his hair too but so obviously obvious than mine. It wasn’t gold, purple or blue. Sense of style: Very good cuz his not lala.. haha. He dint change much except his hair got longer. So cute. He was wanting to get rid of the skul boy look n he succeeded.

Well till now as in 8th.Jan.2010 nothing special going on.. Wait juz got a text, huhu im going out. Darling and I will be going out next week to watch ju on.. OMG I dun like ghost movies. But he said he’ll get a couples seat and he will comfort me when God knows wat I will do when i freak out. Prob scream? haha..I luv my darling..

In future,

on 14th.Jan.2010 I’ll be in Ipoh for my cousin sis wedding. Im the bridesmaid for the second time. I hope no more third time ei.. ; ) Will be staying at Hotel New City Ipoh who knows where. And 15th will be going back to KL for the ceremony n the reception on the 16th. Will be staying at Prince hotel.

Ceremony: At Prince Hotel’s Garden. Reception will be taking place at Tamarind Springs. So I bought my dress already at Bangsar in a shop call Qvinn.. And damn clothes there r gorgeous and sold for a reasonable price.

Anyways I got a job offer few days ago for wild asia but I declined. No place for me to stay in Sri Hartamas as my sis’s place is full wif humans. Anways i dint wanna work too, if i do, I cant see darling till March.. 😦 But luckily I dint take up the offer so now im wif smiles n hope.. :))

Tats all for now. Von Boyage.. (ooppsss.. not sure how to spell)




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