“3 words, 8 letters.. Say it and Im yours”

9 02 2010

I juz absolutely luv this phrase. Taken from gossip girl season 1, i do not own it.

Yesterday I watched Haunted Universities n Case 39 wif darling at midv. Arrived at 12.30 n got home at 9.30.. Had so much fun wif him..

Case 39 was interesting.. For those who doesn’t like movies with the elements of killing, I suggest u watch something else. My rating: 7/10

Haunted universities, thai film, although some words they say are similar to Cantonese. Overall, the beginning of the story was a bit scary, with lots of ghost, then after that, no more, just some gruesome killing  on a girl named sa i think. For a person who is afraid of ghost stories, this story isnt all that scary. Maybe bcuz i got someone i love next to me. But when i came home, I dont even have any tiny bit of fear in me.  My rating: 5/10




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