Going to college

26 04 2010

Well its been a long long time since i blog.. Hmm let me see wat happened these couple of months since the last post.

Got my spm results. Then I thought of going for form 6 but tat thought was taken over by another thought of mine on going to college, i never thought of it before cuz i wanted to go for local uni actually after form 6, but oh well i cant always get wat i want. So yea i decided to go for college, and i chose tarc. Will be going there on the 10th of may. I’m taking information system engineering in diploma. So before i start classes, i will have to look for a room somewhere near tarc n i have to finish my ptptn thing. And also a few weeks back, i wanted to buy a laptop so tat i wun nid to bring my desktop there.. So i bought a laptop from the PC fair in klccc. The oh yea recently I got my P license.. So i’ve been practicing my dads manual car.. I wanted an auto instead but too bad la, got no money for it :(..

well i guess tats all i have to update now..  Will be updating it when I remember hehe. 😀




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