Tunku Abdul Rahman College

31 10 2011

How long have I not logged in to WordPress? : About a year

What happened? : Busy with college and took some time adapting to a new environment.

I was in the May 2010 intake, studying at TARC, Information System Engineering year 2. I didn’t know it was software engineering until my lecturer told us. I just simply chose it because I thought it was just a computer subject. What happened during first semester? Only 12 girls over 110 students. 12 girls and the rest are boys. But I got used to getting bullied from them although I wasn’t prepared for it. What I can say is that this course is all about Information System and a little bit of business and a whole lot of programming. Programming language consists of C, C++, Java and Object Oriented Programming. Oh and also those subjects which are not so important, English, moral and tamadun Islam. The duration is for 2 years and 9 months for only Diploma. After that, you can always choose to continue you studies in Campbell University, continue in TARC in advanced diploma or credit transfer to another public Uni or a private one.

Lodging? There is a hostel, u can apply and walking to class is merely 10 minutes away using a shortcut but it really depends on where your class is, TARC is HUGE! But for this course, it is normally quite far from the hostel.

Food? 2 available canteens, I do not have any comments on both of them. Also a Pappa Rich is avalaible at the computer lab and only 5 minutes walk to this taman called Taman Bunga Raya (TBR) where you can find facilities such as printing and food! For me, Pappa Rich is too over rated.

Transportation? School bus is RM0.80 but you must buy tickets at the counter first. There are a few places the bus will go, one is the Wangsa Maju LRT, Jalan Genting Kelang etc. Metro bus and Rapid Kl are also available, they are everywhere so going to school with public transportation is no hassle. For people who have their own cars, you can apply for your car sticker with a fee of RM100 for a year. Or u can choose to park at TBR on an illegal parking space and either getting towed from DBKL or saman from DBKL. There is also a parking place which it costs RM2 behind the college.

Lecturers? Are they good or are they not? Really I’m not in the position to criticize. But many are good so if your unlucky, you may get a really bad one.

Fees? School fees are affordable as it is a public college.

So these are 101 tips and you may find it very useful for those who are interested in an enrollment in this college.






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